Project Buff

CODE NAME: Project Buff

Look, you’ve been asking for a male strength + muscle program since I started this fitness stuff.

And now its TIME.

The program, CODE NAME Project Buff is HERE!

This program will be my DEFINITIVE Foundation SIZE + STRENGTH Program.

It’s the program I’d give any male looking to gain SIZE.

Its what I wish I knew when I first started working out. It will save you 2-5 years of TRAINING compressed into 6 MONTHS.

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WHO is This Program For?

  • Have you gained MORE than 20 pounds of muscle since starting to work out?
  • Can you bench press 225 x1 back squat 315 x 1 and deadlift 315 x 1?
  • Are your arms larger than 16 inches?
  • Have you been training for over 2 years?

If you answered NO to ANY of those questions, than Project Buff is your answer.

This is a FOUNDATION program. It will build a muscular foundation through STRENGTH and proper PROGRAMMING. Think wider shoulders, a thicker back, 3D chest, and arms barbell curls WON’T build.

Am I describing an action figure or your new body? Answer? ALL OF THE ABOVE.

This program will be a 24 Week Work Out Program. With the WHOLE program filmed to show you EXACTLY what to do.

It will include a customized diet plan. By custom I mean taking into account whether you are a HARD GAINER, SKINNY FAT, ECTOMORPH or UNSURE.

It will include unlimited support by e-mail.

Want to know if Mcdonald’s helps build size?

I’ll answer you. And then give you a virtual kick in the nuts.

I’ve helped over 1000 people lose 20000 pounds of fat.

Now its time to build MUSCLE. I’m not messing around.

And Neither are YOU.

Are you ready?

This Free Program is part of the Project Buff.

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